Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hell's Kitchen...

Maybe it's the way they portray them on the show, but it never seems like the "chefs" on there are very good. Even Christina, who won last night, seems like she'd be a great the Hamburger Hamlet, alongside Jorge and Juan.

But it makes for good TV.

Some highlights from last night

- Matt telling Gordon Ramsey to "shut the f up". Now, I gained a lot of respect for Matt there, since if I were in that kitchen, I'd probably be half-messing myself the second Gordon looked at me. However, Matt is still a hillbilly.
- Jen being a biz. For a linecook, she sure thinks she's sweet. At least she can back up her words with her cooking, least she's not least...I got nothing.
- Petrozza and Bobby almost making out...or I guess that wouldn't be a highlight...or would it?

Man, have I sunk back into the unfunny zone...too much LCS...

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Kevin said...

Unlike Top Chef, they actually cast that show based on who will bring up the most drama... which is why Matt cries, which is why that one short guy wears the stupid hat, which is why every single one of them smokes.

Oh yeah, and Christina is just gonna be a sous chef... she gets paid $250,000 to do a glorified nothing.