Monday, January 19, 2009

Bermuda Triangle Detector

So, Alison and I are watching the History Channel and there's a story on the Bermuda Triangle. They're interviewing all the quacks and they follow around some guy who made a "Bermuda Triangle Detector".

That's right...a "Bermuda Triangle Detector".

Luckily, YouTube has captured this for you:

Unfortunately, you can't see the label on it. Because it looked something like this:
You know...real official like.

I know what's on everyone's mind right now:

Where do I get my own BTD?????

But, the biggest question is, how in the world did he test it?

Was he just sitting in the lab, pointing it at random objects to see if it went off?

OK, let's get this experiment going. First, I'll point it at the toaster. (silence). OK that checks out. The toaster is not the Bermuda Triangle. Next, I will point it at the TV. (silence). Awesome. As expected, the TV does not contain the Bermuda Triangle. Now, I'll point it at my crotch. (silence) Fabulous! There is NO Bermuda Triangle in my crotch. Whelp. Testing completed. I think I'm going to go play some Q-Bert (points BTD at Q-Bert). (buzzing sound). Holy cow! Q-Bert is the Bermuda Triangle! Wait till I tell Stephen Hawking about this one!!

At least, that's how I assume it went...

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