Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Louie Anderson does Anytime Fitness ads...

So, I'm watching TV while eating my breakfast when I almost had oatmeal come out of my nose. I was staring mindlessly at the TV when Louie Anderson (yes...LOUIE ANDERSON!!) doing a commercial for Anytime Fitness:

Seriously...LOUIE ANDERSON? The same Louie Anderson who tried to pay a male prostitute $25,000 for sex? That Louie Anderson?

Who was the ad wizard who came up with that one? Who turned them down, Pee Wee Herman? Was Rosanne busy that weekend?

I don't know...maybe I'm wrong. But, for my money, Louie Anderson does not inspire me to work out. He barely inspired me to want to play the Feud and I loved that show!

I'm not sure if there could be a less motivating thing than picturing Louie Anderson doing crunches. Maybe Madonna on the leg adduction machine? (BARF!!)

Damn it...I just gave them their new advertising campaign....

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