Thursday, January 01, 2009

Worst comedian ever...

For New Year's, Alison, my parents and I went to see Lewis Black. Typically, he's a pretty funny guy. But, apparently he's decided to forgo comedy and become preachy instead. Which is great. If you're paying for someone to preach to you. Alas, most people at a comedy gathering are not.

However, at least he was a little bit funny. His opener is/was the worst comedian in the whole world. His name is John Bowman and he inspires zero laughter. He's just like Dustin Diamond, if Dustin Diamond were someone I wanted to stab in the face with a butter knife. And, of course, he's not. I love Dustin Diamond. He's great.

I've attached a video of this douche. Watch at your own peril. Ugh. John suck.

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