Friday, January 09, 2009

Best diss...

So, this is a pretty painful memory, but resulted in the best diss I've ever heard. There was no comeback to it and it left me stupefied...

Back in college, we had rush at the fraternities. Basically, the freshman walk around, trying to get accepted at certain houses while the members of those houses secretly pray that the process will be over soon so they can go back to playing NFL2K2.

What you do is walk into a house and one of the brothers greets you, gets your name, gives you a nametag and walks around the house and talks to you.

Most of the time. Sometimes, they just want to make you feel like a douche.

So, I walk into this one house. I'm feeling pretty sharp. I have my jeans and a polo shirt on. And, oh yeah, I was wearing one of those bucket hats. I know...I know. Bad fashion misstep, but seems like it would be forgivable.


I close the door behind me, turn around and the greeter looks at me and says:

"Nice hat Blossom."

Incredible! What the butt can you say to that? There's nothing. NOTHING! You just open the door back up, leave and throw the hat down on the porch. It's the only thing you can do. I know.

*For anyone who cares, this didn't really happen to me. It was actually a dream I had, which means either I'm just hilarious in my dreams or I'm mean. I can't quite figure it out*

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