Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mother's Day Invitation?

So, I'm driving down Highway 55 when I see the following sign/invitation:

I thought that was pretty nice. I mean, I don't even know Jake and here he is, giving me the most impersonal invitation to an event I have ever received in my life!

I mean, how are they supposed to know I'd even see the sign? If they really want me there, they should have sent an invitation to my house or, at least, an evite.

However, since they want me there, I decided it would be rude not to RSVP. I mean, I can't make it, but since I won't be there, that might free up a spot for another guest.

So, I went home and found Jake's in the phone book (yeah, they didn't even tell how to RSVP) and gave them a call.

Brent: Hi, this is Brent Nelson. I saw my invitation for Mother's Day on your sign.
Jake's: OK, how many will be attending?
Brent: Actually, we already have plans that day (that's a lie, but they don't know that).
Jake's: Then why are you calling?
Brent: I just wanted to RSVP and let you know that I can't make it.
Jake's (confused): Ummm...okay.
Brent: Great! Thanks for the invite though! Hopefully I'll be invited via large signage on Highway 55 to your next event!!
Jake's: (hangs up)

I'm not going to lie, they didn't seem to care whether I was going to be able to make it or not. Next time, I might not even RSVP...that'll show them!!

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