Friday, April 18, 2008

Stupid Shirts...

So, I'm boppin' through Us Weekly, catching up on all my Britney non-drama, when I get to the ad section in the back. Typically, they'll have things that suck back there, but they're cheap, so people (i.e. me) buy them, because I'd take free long as it was free.

But what they had back there today was SO BAD I had to share it with you. I went out to the website of Madison & Friends for this shirt. Above are the shirts that have angered me: Now, first off, they're marketing these to boys. Apparently not to any boys; just to boys that want to get beat up.

Why would any kid want to wear a shirt claiming his mom is hot? That's always awkward for the kid if his mom were hot; but obviously she's not, or he wouldn't advertise it. This seems like one of those shirts that dumb chicks who think they're hot wear (see example).

Now, I'd expect them to sell a couple of these...UNTIL I SAW THEY WERE $43!!!!

I still don't get it. And I don't want to. I just want to go on, disliking these kinds of people. And I will.

And if I see a 4 year old with one of these shirts, I'm willing to bet there's a 16-year old mother near by who thinks she's "2 HOT 4 U"...

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