Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You will be mine Tony Little Freestyle Gazelle...

I've never been a UPS guy and I really don't plan on ever being one. But that's neither here nor there.

Today, the UPS guy delivered some boxes to my house. I was pretty sure were weren't expecting any boxes, (unless Alison finally caved and finally agreed with Tony Little and realized that I need the Freestyle Gazelle) so I had no idea what it was.

So, I went out there and looked at the boxes. And, of course, they weren't for us. They were for the house two doors down.

So, my question is, was the UPS guy just lazy and didn't want to walk to extra 20 feet or could he not read the address which is right on the frickin' front of the house in huge numbers?

I'm willing to bet it was the laziness. I know for sure I wouldn't want to be carrying a Freestyle Gazelle all over the neighborhood...come to think of it...maybe I should have kept those boxes...damn it!

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