Wednesday, April 09, 2008


So, I was in line at Target and the person in front of me was claiming that she had a raincheck for 99 cent a pound asparagus.

Now, first off, I didn't even know people offered rainchecks anymore. I thought those went out with putting stuff on layaway and the Disco music. Apparently I was wrong.

But, this lady is claiming this and then, when she's given credit for this mysterious "rain check" (of which she had no visual proof) she argued with the cashier on the weight of said asparagus.

She said she weighed it over in the produce section and it weighed three and a quarter pounds. Now, this cashier was trying to charge her for three and a half pounds! The nerve!

So, to make a long story short, I stabbed her with my eye daggers and moved to another line, as I knew she would no doubt be pulling out her checkbook when I was already through another line.

To top it off, once I'd gone through the other line, I pass by this woman and the cashier and this lady was pulling out her checkbook and asking, "Am I at Target?"

Ahhh...good times...good stupid-person related times...

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